1.  YOU EAT A LOT OF SUGAR.  Studies show that sugar prevents your white       blood cells from fighting off bacteria.

2.  YOU'RE NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER.  You need plenty of fluid to flush out toxins.  Pale yellow urine is a sign you're getting enough liquid.

3.  YOU'RE OVERWEIGHT.  Excess weight is hard on your immune system.  You might have inflammation or hormonal imbalances that make it harder to fight infection.

4.  YOUR NOSE IS DRY.  If your nasal passage is too dry, it is the perfect environment for germs.

5.  YOU'RE STRESSED OUT.  Stress weakens your immune system, and if  you're stressed while you're sick, it's even harder for your boody to recover.

6.  YOU'RE FIGHTING OFF A COLD.  Getting 3 to 4 colds a year is normal, but if you're constantly fighting off a cold, that means your resistance is too low.