14 habits of highly miserable people: 

Worrying about money...even about dying broke.

Being bored.  When you are bored you tend to do self destructive things to entertain yourself...like have an affair or start fights for no reason.

Having a negative self-identity.  A great way to be miserable is to take any bad feelings you have and create a whole identity around it.

Picking fights.  it's one of the best ways to ruin a relationship.

Assuming the worst about others.  Thinking that others will always let you down and looking for faults in everyone around you.

Doing everything for personal gain.  Like volunteering or donating to a charity, but only to make yourself look good.  "The right thing for the wrong reason."

Never expressing gratitude.  According to research this makes you happy, so miserable people avoid it.

Keeping yourself in a constant state of anxiety.  Never being optimistic about anything, fearing you'll be disappointed.

Blaming your parents.  Blaming everything you hate about yourself on the way your parents raised you.

Not enjoying life's little pleasures.  Instead, finding something to complain about.

Dweling on yourself.  If somemone else has a problem, finding a way to make it your problem.

Living in the past.  Talking constantly about how much better life used to be.

Trying to reform others.  And never stop trying to heal other people.

Being critical.  Criticizing everything, especially the things that everyone else likes.