Use a squeeze bottle to make pancakes.  Fill it with batter and squeeze out perfect circle pancakes.

Seal plastic bags with old bottle caps.  Cut off the top of a plastic soda bottle and push it down over the top of an open plastric bag.  Fold the bag over the bottle top and screw the bottle cap on for an airtight seal.  Check a visual at

Take out stripped screws with a rubber band.  Lay the band across the screw head and screw it out normally with a screw driver.  The rubber band grips the screw and it comes out like new...maybe.

Organize cables with toilet paper tubes.  Fill a box with the empty tubes, standing upright.  place one cable in each tube.

Use soda can tabs to increase closet space.  Put the tab on one hanger and hang another hanger on the tab.  You get two rows of clothes on one bar.